Pneumatic Conveying

Sacchi offers a wide range of solutions for pneumatic conveying of bulk products, optimised for:

  • Powders conveying (flowing or non-free-flowing)
  • Granules conveying (normal or friable)
  • Pneumatic convveying covering long distances (up to 1000 meters)
  • Pneumatic convveying with reduced energetic consumptions
  • Pneumatic convveying without pipes wearing.

Every product, if it hasn’t been already classified in our laboratory, is subject to a deep analysis to check chemical-physical characteristics in order to find the best engineering solution.

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Dense phase


For granules and free flowing products. It conveys the product in dense phase (high and very high concentration)

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For difficult  and highly non-free flowing powders, dense phase conveyor at high density. Worldwide exclusive!

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Pneumatic conveying for free-flowing products : it conveys, recirculates and homogenizes in a static way.

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DIGI-AIR digital control of conveying air. It optimizes the pneumatic conveying of powders and granules.

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Dilute phase

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying both “vacuum” and “pressure” . 

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Pumps and blowers for pneumatic conveying

A complete range of pumps and puffing devices for pneumatic conveying during dilute phase.

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Components for pneumatic conveying

Intake filters for pneumatic conveying

Wide range of standard and customized intake filters.

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Black-Bend the wear-proof bends

Bends and pipes made of innovative composite materials with high hardness. 

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Diverter valves

A complete range of diverter valves for pneumatic conveying.

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Pipes and accessories for pneumatic conveying

A complete range of pipes and accessories for pneumatic conveying.


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Pipes connection check system

Electronic system to check that the pneumatic connection pipe has been connected to the right branch

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AirBoost is the innovative component for AIR pneumatic conveying systems and it allows getting an Ultra-dense phase conveying.

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