Following the great development in masterbatch and compound field occurred in these last decades, we have developed a specific know-how that allows us to manufacturer important systems in this field, so now we can present ourselves as suppliers of turnkey systems for the whole extrusion process.

From raw materials delivery to palletising, we can offer dedicated solutions for storing, conveying, dosing, bagging and palletising, in order to supply turnkey systems. Whether it’s masterbatch, compound, recycled plastics, sheet for packing, hot melt or rubber, our company offers a wide range of products that can be integrated in system project.

In particular, we can offer:

  • dosing units and weighing systems in continuous and batch mode for solid and liquid products;
  • dense phase pneumatic conveying systems at low, medium and high concentration (dense phase pneumatic conveyor);
  • dilute phase pneumatic conveying (blowers and suction devices);
  • bags, big-bags, drums and octabins emptying and filling systems;
  • mechanic conveyors (screw conveyors, bucket elevators, Z elevators, vibratory belts);
  • raw materials storing and extraction systems (silos, hoppers, hoppers with turning bottom);
  • toxic products handling systems (glove box);
  • continuous or batch mixing (ribbon mixers, static mixers, vertical mixers);
  • vibrating selecting systems or with turning sieves;
  • automatic bagging systems (bags filling);
  • bags depalletising, cutting and emptying robotised systems;
  • pallets wrapping and hooding systems;
  • palletising systems with anthropomorphic and Cartesian robots serviced by AGV;
  • belts and cooling systems for grains;
  • multilevel structures serviced by freight elevators and hoists.

Hundred of turnkey systems make us a market leader in this sector

At the national level, we are the only enterprise that can design, manufacture, install and give a service on the whole process, from raw materials to palletised product.

Our customers daily produce thousands of tons of thermoplastic resins such as:

PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA6, PA66,PC, PPO, PSU, PC-ABS, PA-PP, PPS, POM, PBT and derivated compound with fibreglass, carbon fibre, inert fillers , regenerated products etc.

Due to the extensive engineering polymers diffusion, final products can be employed in many applications such following sectors: aerospace, electrical home appliance, electric and electronic, automotive, furniture, packaging, agriculture, technical building, sport goods, health and hospital goods.


Components for Masterbatch and Compound extrusion systems

  • Automatic bags emptying machine 
  • Big-Bag systems
  • Bags systems
  • Bags emptying systems, Big-Bag emptying systems.
  • Octabin emptying systems, Drums emptying systems
  • Storing systems
  • Mixers
  • Bagging and filling systems
  • Palletisers 
  • Multi lever structures
  • Depalletisers
  • Cereal puffing
  • Loss-in-weight gravimetric feeders
  • Robotics
  • Control and monitoring software
  • Dome valves
  • Handling systems by conveyor belts, roller conveyors, chains, shuttles and AGV trolleys
  • Mechanic conveying
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Sieves 
  • Materials load systems

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