Our experience in facing the regulatory requirements of different industries and our skills in manufacturing products in stainless steel, allow us to launch systems dedicated to pharmaceutical bulk conveying and handling.

Special attention to regulatory and quality requirements, allows us to develop specific systems, characterised by innovation and efficacy, for the pharmaceutical industry.

In particular F.lli Sacchi can offer systems composed of :

  • feeders and weighing devices in continuous and batch mode for solid and liquid products;
  • dense phase pneumatic conveying at low, medium and high concentration (dense phase pneumatic conveyor);
  • dilute phase pneumatic conveying (blowers and suction devices);
  • big-bags, drums, octabins and big bag emptying and filling systems; mechanic conveyors (screw conveyors, bucket elevators, Z elevators, vibratory belts);
  • raw materials storing and extraction systems (silos, hoppers, hoppers with turning bottom);
  • continuous or batch mixing (ribbon mixers, static mixers, vertical mixers);
  • toxic products handling systems (glove box) equipped with manual and automatic bags cutting machines;
  • continuous or batch mixing (ribbon mixers, static mixers, vertical mixers);
  • vibrating selecting systems or with turning sieves;
  • automatic bags filling systems;
  • robotised bags depalletising systems;
  • palletising systems with anthropomorphic and Cartesian robots serviced by AGV;
  • special equipments;
  • multilevel structures serviced by freight elevators and hoists.

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