Paints, varnishes and pigments

Thanks to our ten-year experience in chemical industry (we have been working in this field from 1960) we have gained a good knowledge in bulk handling, successfully employed in paint and varnish industry since 1970.

From raw materials delivery to palletising and drums filling, we can offer dedicated solutions for storing, conveying, dosing, mixing, bagging, drums filling and palletising, in order to supply turnkey systems.

In particular, we have successfully faced and solved the following problems:

  • Raw materials bag automatic depalletising, cutting and emptying.
  • Big Bag conveying, cutting and emptying.
  • Conveying, dosing, storing and mixing of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, carbon black, composites of lead and chrome, pigments, resins, additives etc. 
  • Long distance pneumatic conveying for “difficult” solid products. 
  • Granules and non-free-flowing powders conveying.
  • Conveying of adhesive, cohesive, plastifier materials.
  • Abrasive products mixing.
  • Final products bagging and palletising.
  • Automatic drums filling of liquids and solids and following palletising.
  • Flakes cooling and recovery. 
  • Components dosing
  • and much more…

In particular, we can offer systems for paint and varnish industry:

  • dosing units and weighing systems in continuous and batch mode for solid and liquid products;
  • dense phase pneumatic conveying systems at low, medium and high concentration (dense phase pneumatic conveyor);
  • dilute phase pneumatic conveying (blowers and suction devices);
  • bags, big-bags, drums and octabins emptying and filling systems;
  • mechanic conveyors (screw conveyors, bucket elevators, Z elevators, vibratory belts);
  • raw materials storing and extraction systems (silos, hoppers, hoppers with turning bottom);
  • toxic products handling systems (glove box);
  • continuous or batch mixing (ribbon mixers, static mixers, vertical mixers);
  • vibrating selecting systems or with turning sieves;
  • automatic bags filling systems;
  • bags depalletising, cutting and emptying robotised systems;
  • palletising systems with anthropomorphic and Cartesian robots serviced by AGV;
  • special equipments;
  • multilevel structures serviced by freight elevators and hoists.

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