F.lli Sacchi is othe leader in innovative mixing and mixer recharging systems for powders and granules

Whether mixing systems are horizontal, vertical, static, kneaders, continuous or batch ones, F.lli Sacchi can offer the most appropriate solution for every process.

The range of solutions includes revolutionary mixers feeding systems as well for a complete turn key "trouble free" installation:

  • SmartPick, the revolutionary robotised system that picks the bags automatically from more pallets, it cuts and empties them in one or more hoppers.
  • SmartBin, the revolutionary automatic system for picking dosed quantities from more scales in order to prepare multicomponent batch.
  • ELZ full opening elevators allow to pick the product from more positions and unload it in different mixers.
  • The pneumatic conveying AIRPULS and AIRPOWDER, suitable also for food, baby food , pharmaceutical and chemical applications

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MO horizontal mixers

The MO mixers for powders and granules are mixers with ribbon or plug tools. They are designed for a quick and oprtimal homogenization .

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Vertical static mixer

They are the most functional system to homogenise the products in the end-of-line or in mixing room before adding components in the process.

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Vertical dynamic screw conveyor mixer

Vertical mixers type MV, with motorised screw conveyor for free-flowing products and plastic granules.


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