Cereal Puffing

Puffed cereals are now commun in food either as finished product for breakfast or as bread substitute, or as raw material in more complex products.

Puffed ingredients use is more and more widespread, either as a whole grain product or as a ground one, in the following sectors :

  • confectionery industry 
  • baby products 
  • bread-making and bakery as ground product 
  • organic food products
  • crackers 

As sweetened, caramelised or chocolated coated ingredient in : 

  • biscuits 
  • baked products 
  • snacks 
  • chocolate bars 
  • praline

The great advantage in using the puffed cereal compared to other ingredients is that light products are obtained, with high fiber contents, easy to digest, with limited calorie count and completely natural without additive adding.

The puffed cereal acquires particular sensory characteristics that enhance aroma and taste

The process to get cereals has been unchanged over the time: selected product grains, toasted by dry cooking, are then puffed using only steam at high pressure and temperature, in this way the cereal, while increasing the volume, keeps its original shape, immediately recognizable.

Sacchi's interest in machines for puffed cereal production began in the late '70s when these cereals appeared for the first time in large-scale retail both for human purpose and pet food. Today Sacchi is a world leader in puffed cereal production plants.

From the first semi-automatic machine we have gradually evolved into more and more performing and automatic machines , arriving, thanks to considerable know-how acquired on field and strong propensity to innovation, to the revolutionary system SOCORI, a continuous automatic process produced in different models and supplied to the most important Italian producers of puffed cereals in the world.

Expansion principle is based on cereal pre-heating by an exclusive cooker and on the following product pressurization by steam. Steam feeding curve, temperature curve and  expansion speed are controlled by an exclusive software algorithm. A collecting chamber for the puffed product integrates the machine.


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Socorì 80

Socorì 80 is the smallest and most flexible model in our range of cereal puffing systems

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Socorì 180

Socorì 180 is an automatic machine for medium/high production volumes, keeping at the same time the quality and repeatability of the manual process.

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Socorì 182

Socorì 182 is an automatic machine for high production volumes, keeping at the same time the quality and repeatability of the manual process.

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