Socorì 180

Socorì 180 is the evolution of Socorì ceral puffing system with innovative solutions in plant and construction engineering.


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SOCORI 180 - soffiatura cereali
Socori 180 - soffiaggio cereali

Socorì 180 is the machine suitable for industrial cereal puffing processes.

Operating cycle can be summarised into the following phases :

  • Raw material feeding : product to be puffed is loaded into the stocking cyclone placed on the platform above the machine by a pneumatic conveyor (pneumatic conveying in very high dense phase)
  • Raw material dosing : the raw material is extracted from the cyclone and dosed into a waiting hopper by an accuracy gravimetric system 
  • Cooker loading : the product is discharged into the cooker, cooked and dried according to controlled parameters. Product flows, heating system and control algorithms are the basis of the final result.
  • Puffing chamber feeding: a loading pipe conveys the product from the cooker to the puffing chamber
  • Steam cooking : puffing pipe valve closes, cooking time begins after which steam is injected by a special valve. Time, cooking temperature, steam pressure and its residence time inside the pipe are parameters controlled by the operator panel and advanced software algorithms. During this phase product flow is controlled by dedicated devices.
  • Expansion : exhaust valve of the puffing pipe quickly opens and the product is injected into the expansion tunnel which has the function of collecting the product and lessening the noise caused by pressure difference. The immediate expansion causes the product volume increasing
  • Selection (optional) : the product is conveyed to a granulometry selection plant 
  • Coating or transformation (optional) : the puffed cereal is coated, sweetened, salted, aromatised or ground according to needs
  • Packaging (optional) : in case of bulk production, we can offer automatic big-bag filling systems or bagging and palletization systems
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