Socorì 80

Socorì 80 represents the smallest and most flexible model in our range of ceral puffing systems and it has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of those companies that have a limited production and often change the type of the product  to be processed.

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Socori 80 - cereals puffing

Socorì 80 is extremely flexible and practical in production changes since product cooking and expansion phases have been concentrated into a single step. In this way the machine has extremely small dimensions and it's very simple to use despite being completely automatic. A further advantage of this machine compared to previous models is that the heating of puffing unit does not require fuels with clear adavantages in terms of plant, safety and energy.

Operating cycle can be summarised in the following phases : 

  • Product to be puffed is loaded into the stocking cyclone placed on the platform above the machine by a dense phase pneumatic conveyor (pneumatic conveying in very high dense phase)
  • The product is extracted from the cyclone and dosed into a waiting hopper 
  • The product is discharged into the cooker, cooked and dried according to controlled parameters 
  • A loading pipe conveys the product from the cooker to puffing chamber 
  • The exhaust valve of the puffing pipe closes pneumatically, cooking time begins after which steam is inserted by a special valve. Time, cooking temperature, steam pressure and its residence time inside the pipe are all parameters controlled by the operator panel.
  • Afterwards the exhaust valve of the puffing pipe quicky opens and the product is injected into the expansion tunnel which has the function of collecting the product and lessening the noise caused by pressure difference.
  • The immediate expansion causes the product volume increasing

F.lli Sacchi can supply the whole process from cereal stocking to conveying, dosing, puffing, sugar or chocolate coating until the final bagging.

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