Intake filters for pneumatic conveying

We can offer a wide range of normal and ATEX execution filters, produced in carbon steel, AISI 304-316 or in special anti-corrosion alloys.

Our filters can be then coupled with : 

  • Cone hoppers 
  • Massaged cone hoppers 
  • Hopper with homogenizing ribbon 
  • Flat botttom extractors for powders extraction 
  • Dosing extractors for product dosing 


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Wide range of filters appositely designed for pneumatic conveying with the following characteristics :

  • Resistant to 9 bar overpressure
  • Explosion-proof  and flame resistant
  • Cleanable, with double door with full access on the hopper cone and sleeves 
  • Quick unfasting antistatic sleeves and ground bayonet fitting  
  • Paddle, radar or vibration level sensors
  • Line change conveyor
  • Flame-resistant valve
  • Automatic washing system for sleeves
  • Extruder /feeder for non-free-flowing powders (blend for masterbatch, titanium dioxide, carbon black, dry milk enriched with fats)
  • Sensors for explosion checking and control 
  • Explosion vent panels 
  • Cells level sensors
  • Dosing electronics
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