F.lli Sacchi offers DIGI-AIR in world preview. 
DIGI-AIR has been conceived to optimise our pneumatic conveying systems of powders and granules, called AIRPULS and AIRPOWDER. 


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In particular this innovative digital control device optimises the conveying parameters by analysing pressure and flow rate data of the system and using an exclusive neural algorithm, in this way while the flow rate is increased, it’s possible to reduce the speed of conveyed product, piping wearing and compressed air consumptions at the lowest level. 
DIGI-AIR installation allows you to reduce air compressed consumptions up to 50%. 

DIGI-AIR can work in two modes : 

  • Semiautomatic : the system uses one of the stored conveying recipe (that can be recalled from the controlling panel or system) 
  • Smart (option) : the system analyses the parameters and decides which parameters have to be used. 


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