Bag Emptying

Sacchi is the only company worldwide able to provide such a wide range of solutions in automatic systemd for de-bagging and emptying of bags.

The offer is articulated in: manual dump stations, glove boxes, semi-autoatic dump stations and robotic de-bagging systems where Sacchi with 5 patents is worldwide leader.

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Robotized systems


SmartPick is the most advanced robotic solution that picks bags from one or more pallets, opens and empties them, SmartPick is covered by five exclusive patents.

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Manual systems

Manual bags cutting machine

Manual system for bag cutting with total powder-proof  that meets the latest regulations in terms of ergonomics, functionality and pollutants exposure.


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Glove Box

Glove box system has been conceived in order to introduce the using of toxic, noxious or carcinogenic powders in the process in a safe way, avoiding the operator to be exposed and the pollution of working environment as well.

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Semi-automatic systems

Semiautomatic bags cutting machine

Semiautomatic rotary barrel bags breaker is composed of a load belt where bags to be emptied are positioned. 

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Horizontal screw compactor

Automatic horizontal screw compactors for empty bags. Perfect for high resistance bag.

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Baler compactor

Automatic baler compactor for empty bags. Perfect for plastic bag and cardboard.

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The most flexible automatic preparation for powders batch


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Lumps breaker

A wide range of solutions for lumps breaking.

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