SmartPickRunner the revolution in complex powder recipes

SmartPick the reference in the preparation of complex recipes of modular powders, with infinite number of components

SmartPick Runner is the modular version of SmartPick that has no limits in expandability, thanks to the modular rail and the plug and play cutting and storage hoppers, the system can grow in the face of production increases and new recipes. The addition of additional robots can also be done in a short time. The multi-patented SmartPick system finds its natural complement in the advanced sw packages:

- SmartPick AT: sw touch to manage the process of picking up and cutting bags from pallets, based on adaptive code and artificial intelligence

- SmartBatch: advanced multi recipe management to manage up to twenty simultaneous recipes (on 20 different process mixers simultaneously)

- SmartPick L2: second level management system capable of interfacing with SAP, Dynamics, SQL Server, Oracle and in general with management systems, Database server and MES

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