Integrated bags palletising and picking, cutting and emptying

By using only one anthropomorphic robot with tool automatic change, it’s now possible integrate the two systems SmartPick and SmartDrop, that is to do both bags depalletising and bags/drums palletising through one robot.

The final result is a revolutionary robotised system that combines bag picking from pallet, bag cutting and bag emptying with bag picking from bagging machine and palletising. It’s obviously a new system, covered by several patents, that guarantees the return on your investment in less than 18 months, even in those fields where robotised automation in handling processes was excluded.

By combining the robotised system with bags or drums filling line and one or more feeding hoppers, it’s now possible to automatise operating functions of more departments by an unique investment.

Discover how SmartPick and SmartDrop can increase your company competitiveness!!

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