Fully automatic recipe preparations in desserts and cakes industry

SmartPick was succesfully started in production at the leading European ready-to-use powders for home made bakery products, cakes, desserts

The European leader in ready-to-use powders for home made bakery products, cakes, desserts appointed Sacchi as the turn key supplier for a SmartPick robotic system that should manage hundreds of different ingredients in bags.

SmartPick was tested in the challenging task of managing several recipes at the same time to different mixing lines, picking the right number of bags and dumping them in a number of dedicated SmartCut hoppers.

The key points of the project were:

  • Hygiene
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • High degree of sw integration
  • Dust containment

Regardless of the demanding requirements and space limitations the installation was one of the best SmartPick systems ever installed with a very high degree of satisfaction from customer side

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