Dissolvers and mixers feeding revolution

Main companies in food, baby food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry have chosen F.lli Sacchi as the most innovative and revolutionary firm in feeding systems for mixers and dissolvers using granular and powdered solid products.

Our wide range for mixers and dissolvers feeding includes:

  • SmartPick, robotised system that automatically picks bags from one or more pallets, cuts them and empties them into a hopper.
  • SmartBatch, dedicated software dedicated to automatic management of batch dosing, by coordinating SmartPick and any other feeders.
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight feeders that can work in continuous mode by controlling hourly flow rate or in discontinuous by dosing a prefixed product quantity.
  • BBDS, dosing station for powders and granules from Big-bag , available in gravimetric or volumetric version.
  • Scales for big, small and micro components.
  • Systems equipped with mobile picking scale to pick components in sequence from more feeders.
  • Systems for automatic preparation of Big-bag, bags, drums and bin containing powders batch.
  • Vertical and horizontal, cooled and heated mixers and homogenizers.
  • Heated and cooled mixing screw conveyors.
  • Pneumatic conveying to feed mixers up to 100 meters far from dosing sector.

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