Cutting of sugar, flour, starch, flakes, coffee bags by anthropomorphic robot in food industry

From day to day SmartPick is being employed in several applications at multinational corporations of food industry.

Whether it’s the cutting of sugar, flour, flakes , cocoa, starch, coffee, tea bags, SmartPick completely automatises the picking, cutting and emptying process of bags in paper, plastic, raffia, paper + plastic.

SmartPick can handle more products at the same time, as well!

SmartPick guarantees no packaging scrap of the emptied product.

SmartPick, with the option SmartBatch or SmartDose, can dose in gravimetric way both batch formulas and products in continuous.

SmartPick can be integrated with AIR pneumatic conveying system AIR to convey the product up to 200 meters away through pipes with diameter often less than 60mm.

Di Mudd1 - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

SmartPick gestisce anche più prodotti contemporaneamente!
SmartPick certifica l'assenza di sfrido del packaging nel prodotto svuotato.
SmartPick, con l'opzione SmartBatch oppure SmartDose.
SmartPick si interfaccia ai sistemi di trasporto pneumatico per inviare il prodotto sino a 200 metri di distanza con tubi di diametro spesso inferiore a 60mm.

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