Blow moulding plant automation with automatic bag opening

SmartPick for the automatic opening of bags successfully installed in the blow molding system feeding

SmartPick once again successfully automates the feeding of molding production processes.

Once again, from the joint analysis on the use of raw materials in big-bags, silos or bags, the customer has opted for bags.

The factors that led to this choice were once again:

  • Economical raw material in bags. The customer found that the bag is available for 100% of suppliers, while the other forms of packaging are available from a much more limited percentage of suppliers.
  • Total traceability of the batch, weight, shelf life, expiry date, production line on which the single bag was used
  • Complete man / machine interchangeability with minimal impact on the existing system (SmartPick can be installed in 2 days)
  • Total flexibility in the management of dozens of different raw materials with the same system.

SmartPick the best choice in feeding granules from bags

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