Bags picking and cutting in chemical products extrusion

Smart Pick, once again in world preview, will be employed to automate the extrusion process of chemical additives for plastic materials production at the offices of one of the leading international manufacturers.

In particular, the anthropomorphic robot, equipped with the new gripping device SmartGrip, will pick the raw materials bags from several pallets and cut them into dedicated hoppers. Paper and plastic bags will be placed into two different compactors.

Cutting hoppers, directly connected to the five gravimetric loss-in-weight feeders, will feed the extruder in continuous mode and with high accuracy. Raw material milling will be also automated by a dedicated SmartPick system that will pick up bags from pallet, cut them and convey their content to storing silos, which feed both milling machines and mixers in cascade mode. All the system will be controlled, organised and remote-assisted by our latest generation SmartPickTouch.

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