Bags breaker and bags opener - bags depalletising, cutting and emptying

SmartPickPowder has reached a new frontier in depalletising, cutting and automatic emptying of empty palletised bags containing granular and powdered materials. 

The system is completely automatised and, unlike any other depalletisers, does not require the operator’s intervention! Now the depalletising, cutting and automatic emptying of pulverulent products such as titanium dioxide TiO2, calcium carbonate CaCO3, magnesium chloride, copper chloride, potassium chloride, sulphur, hexamine, salt, caustic soda, carbon black and basic chemical products even highly non-free-flowing and hygroscopic, is no more a problem thanks to bags breakers and bag openers SmartPick.

Thanks to its several patents, SmartPick can offer the following benefits:

  • Remove personnel assigned to this function (bags splitting and opening)
  • Eliminate packaging waste for product
  • Quick change of the product
  • Product conveying up to 200 meters away
  • Easy load of reactor in batch or of recipe
  • No contact with products
  • No physical stress due to bags handling
  • Components dosing
  • Bags handling up to 100 kg
  • Bags efficiently emptying.

All this through a reasonable investment that is usually amortised in 12-18 months. System can be employed in depalletising and bags splitting (robotised breakers and openers) containing: sugar coffee rice wheat grains flour cocoa plastic granules polymers compound masterbatch glass fibre carbonium fibre. Click here to see more.

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