Automatic bags emptying machine for seeds treated with pestecides

SmartPick system (covered by many patents), after solving several problems in chemical and food industries by completely automatising picking, cutting and emptying of bags containing powders and granules, has been employed as automatic bags dumping machine for seeds treated with plant protective products.

SmartPick will be soon installed at one of the most important national farmers’ cooperative to empty bags containing seeds.

The unsold product, to be marketed again, must be cleaned of plant protective product and stored in proper silos.

SmartPick picks the 30 Kg. bags containing seeds from two pallet stations, cuts them and empties them into a hopper feeding a bucket elevator that , in turn, conveys the seeds to a silos serving a cleaning system.

The empty bag is unloaded by the robot into a compactor for empty bags.

SmartPick has already been successfully employed as:

  • Plastic granules bags dumping machine
  • Organic powders bags dumping machine
  • Inorganic powders bags dumping machine
  • Toxic powders bags dumping machine
  • Explosive powders bags dumping machine
  • Coffee bags dumping machine
  • Sugar bags dumping machine.

SmartPick has been employed in many other sectors, contact us to know how SmartPick can suit your process.

Smart Pick preleva da due postazioni pallet i sacchi da 30 Kg contenenti sementi, li taglia e li svuota in una tramoggia che alimenta un elevatore a tazze che a sua volta trasporta la semente in un silos in asservimento ad un impianto di pulitura.
Il saco vuoto viene scaricato dal robot in una compattatrice per sacchi vuoti.
Smart Pick è stato già applicato con successo come:

  • Svuota sacchi granuli plastici
  • Svuota sacchi polveri organiche
  • Svuota sacchi polveri inorganiche
  • Svuota sacchi polveri tossiche
  • Svuota sacchi polveri esplosive
  • Svuota sacchi per farine
  • Svuota sacchi per ingredienti e polveri alimentari
  • Svuota sacchi caffè
  • Svuota sacchi zucchero

Smart pick è stato impiegato in decine di altri settori, contattaci per conoscere come adattare SmartPick al tuo processo.

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