Mechanic conveying

70 years experience allows us to develop suitable solutions for every requirement. In particular we propose the following standard and customised solutions: Screw conveyors, Bucket elevators, Z elevators, Redler conveyors, Bin flow, Conveyor belts, Vibration feeders.

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Screw conveyors

Our wide range includes the following standard and customised versions.

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    Bucket elevators

    Very strong elevators to be used for heavy-duty operations.

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    Redler system made by F.lli Sacchi can be employed in several industry sectors.

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      Bin Flow

      Designed for a soft conveying that guarantees a pretty good level of cleaning at the end of conveying.

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      Conveyor belts

      For conveying of food, plastic, chemical, inert and bulk products in general.

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      Vibrating feeders

      Employed to make dosing or feeding of products in powder or granules with variable flow rates.

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      Final product cooling systems

      Cooling systems designed for end-of-line in plastic materials extrusion processes.

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      Roller conveyors and belts

      A wide range of handling systems dedicated to bags, drums, scayols, trays and pallets.

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      Z Elevators

      Elevators designed to load the most fragile materials and at the same time can guarantee the total emptying of the bucket.

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