SD-AT palletizing software

From today on, it’s available Advanced Touch, SmartDrop software new version (SD-AT) dedicated to palletisers management for bags, drums and boxes. SD-AT is available on 5"-7"-10"-12"-15"-20" touch screen platform according to typology and complexity of the palletising system.

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SD-AT improves many advanced functions developed on the whole range of Sacchi robotic systems.

  • Calculate-it: it allows pre-calculation of palletising coordinates on the basis of preset standard palletising schemes
  • Graph-it: advanced graphic touch function allowing to design and move objects to be palletised in order to make real-time schemes adjustments in graphic mode
  • Stat-it: statistical analysis of the manufactured/palletised products
  • BCR: interface for bar code readers or tag control device for product
  • Management of gripping points, deposit, approach speed, entry and exit coordinates by product recipes that can be recalled from unlimited file archive
  • Management of gripping and deposit offset that can be stored in product recipe
  • Management of sample product and production progress
  • Gripping management of pallets with different sizes
  • Interface towards field-bus and remote systems
  • Password management (also on USB key)
  • Remote or PC office supervision
  • BCR print: bar codes printing and labelling

SD-AT can be perfectly integrated with SmartDrop palletising robots produced by F.lli Sacchi.

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