Robotic solution to process picking orders of products in bags. SmartPickER depalletises from one or more entry pallet and repalletises on an exiting pallet.


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SmartPicker is a single or multi-robot robotic solution developed for the logistic area of those customers who have to handle picking or repalletization of products in bags.

Pallets are brought in sequence to the depalletizer robot area in manual or automatic way according to picking list, SmartPicker, following picking order, not only depalletizes all required bags, but also repalletizes them on a pallet exiting from the system.

In its most simple version, SmartPickER follows the bags repalletization using palletization schemes different from the original one or  from pallet change (from wood to plastic/stainless steel)

SmartPicker can be equipped with several options:

  • Second palletizer robot to double system cycle 
  • Roller conveyors to move entry and exiting pallets 
  • Empty pallets stackers and unstackers
  • Slip sheet placing/removing devices 
  • Pallet wrapping units
  • Markers and print/apply 
  • Interface with MES software

SmartPicker has been designed to be connected with picking software systems and interact with picking area of traditional or automatic storehouse.

SmartPicker is the natural evolution of SmartPick which is on the market for over ten years and it's covered by 5 world patents.


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