SmartBin is the most flexible solution in powders and granules batch preparation, using tens of components from Bags, Big-Bag, Drums and Silos in a completely automatic way.


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It doesn’t matter if the components number is high, if the batch of powders, granules and liquids has to be loaded into a mixer, a reactor or an extruder, SmarBin is modular and can be configured into each of these arrangements.

It’s now possible to have some Bins that automatically pick the components.

The extreme accuracy of dosing systems, dedicated Bin for specific batch and therefore for specific product, efficient traceability system with tag in state-of-the-art radiofrequency, guarantee quality and traceability even for the most demanding sectors.

The complete traceability in most complex recipes and the difficulty of managing more and more small batch with high flexibility have given new boost to our well strengthened automatic Bin system and led us to SmartBin development. 


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