Big-Bag Filling

Sacchi wide range of equipments dedicated to Big-bag filling.

Even tailor made solutions!

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Semi-automatic systems

Semi-automatic Big-Bag filling

Modular big-bag filling stations that allow to create solutions for filling the big-bag in a semi-automatic and time-scalable way.


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Automatic systems

Automatic Big-bag filling

Big-bag modular filling stations completely automatic solutions. 

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Big-Bag Filling options

Roller conveyors and belts

A wide range of handling systems dedicated to bags, drums, scayols, trays and pallets.

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Pallet stackers and unstackers

Complete range of devices for the empty pallets handling.

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Label printing and applying units

Labelling systems to apply both pre-printed labels and directly printed ones. 

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Automatic pallet wrapper

High speed automatic pallet wrapping machine.

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