SmartPack for open-mouth bag

SmartPack-BA represents the revolution in bagging, seaming/welding and palletization of industrial open-mouth bags. It's based on the most advanced robotic system and guarantees efficiency and productivity.

SmartPack-BA can handle bags made of different materials : 

  • Paper 
  • Polyethylene 
  • Polylaminate aluminium polyether


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SmartPack is a bagging system for open mouth bags completely robotic which not only doses the product and fills the bag, but also palletizes it , all this by using a single robot which integrates both functions.

  • Its compact layout allows to install it in narrow places or on mobile repositionable platforms, solution that is impossible for standard bagging and palletization systems.
  • The versatility of the anthropomorphic robot allows to reconfigure the bagging and palletization layout as required, by repositioning the destination pallets, the picking trays of the empty bag and the dosing heads.
  • The flexibility of the six-axis system allows to change bag size/material in no time and handle more bagging heads by the same robot, even allowing to bag more products at the same time with the same plant.
  • Thanks to the advanced graphic interface, the system can be easily managed by unskilled operators. Once a product has been configured according to type of packiging, packaged weight  and type of palletization, SmarPack stores the data in a recipe that can later be recalled also by a bar code.
  • Dosing process for powders or granules can be in different configuration , gross weight, net weight  or by screw conveyor, gravity, turbine or vibration feeder. In all cases it's designed paying attention to cleaning needs.


 Types of dosing systems
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