Screw gravimetric feeders

Weight loss or weight increase gravimetric feeders,  with single screw, double screw, belt or vibrating channel extraction system

Perfect for multi-components extrusion applications or additives supplementing in continuous process when the flow rate has to change based on a process parameter.


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Batch gravimetric discontinuous feeders 

Discontinuous dosing takes place in two ways :

  • Weight loss dosing : one or more feeders on load cells feed the product into a hopper or a bin, the dosed quantity is the difference between the starting and the final weight of the feeder
  • Weight increase dosing : one or more feeders feed the components into a scale (hopper or weighed bin), the dosed quantity is defined by weighing system itself

Gravimetric discontinuous dosing can be obtained through screw feeders (single or double), vibrating channels (single or multiple) or belts.

Gravimetric continuous feeders 

Screw, belt or vibrating channel feeder is adjusted in order to guarantee the pre-set flow rate (Kg./s). The most common type is the weight loss one.

This type of feeders can be employed for bulk products dosing when it's necessary to accurately adjust an instantaneous flow rate.

The gravimetric feeder is composed of : 

  • Product storage hopper (capacity from 5 Kg for mini components to 2000 Kg for big components)
  • Multi weighing cell bridge  
  • Extraction and feeding system: normally with single or double screw configuration, it can be optionally equipped with belt of variable product
  • Level detecting system for feeder reloading
  • Flow rate management system through closed loop inverter for greater flow rate stability
  • Advanced electronics for closed loop control and prognostic feed-forward of the flow rate



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