Lumps breaker

F.lli Sacchi can offer a wide range of solutions for lumps breaking. 
According to required flow rates and product type: 

  • Blade lumps breakers 
  • Rod lumps breakers
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Sacchi lumps breaker is composed of square section body with upper and lower flange, 2 horizontal parallel shafts provided with blades, containment grill for large pieces, 4 supports provided with adjustable shaft holding group and suitable motorised system with drive gear. 
The lumps breaker is the best solution in breaking process in regard to lumping materials. 
The device allows to break those lumps coming from production processes or from conveying of pulverulent or granular materials, but still friable. Fast rotation of special blades through a fixed grill causes lump breaking. Two rotors with different speeds allow to get high flow rates. 

Sacchi is specialised in special productions and therefore several executions are available: 

  • Lumps breaker in AISI 304 
  • Lumps breaker in AISI 316 
  • Lumps breaker in AISI 316L 
  • Anticorrosion lumps breaker in Hastelloy 
  • Lumps breaker with wear-resistant covers 
  • Lumps breaker with abrasion-resistant covers
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